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" Made with the hands and refined with heart "

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"We are doing our best to express the unique aspects of the regions’ terroir,

and thus find expression of ourselves; our feelings and our soul!" 

Poggio del Moro estate is located in the middle of Tuscany, the heaven of smoky slopes, to the south of Montepulciano, in the neighborhood of old Chianciano. The estate had been created through the love and passion of Tatiana and Alex during the last 10 years with the help of a professional, young and passionate team from all over the world.

Poggio del Moro
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Rosso Toscana

The Young Spirit of the Tuscan Hills!

The nose unfolds with violet floral notes well-layered with cherry and plum jam, along with the mineral graphite, musk and a hint of black pepper. A luring consistency and a medium body palate with fresh, praiseworthy ripe juicy flavours wrapped into plum tannins. Tobacco, tea leaves and black cherry linger on a powerful, yet harmonious finish.

PDM Toscana Rosso Bottle.png
PDM Rosso Toscana Data Sheet.png
PDM De JS SS.jpg
Rosso Toscana JS93 ST16.jpg


Luca Moroni ratings all.png

Chianti Colli Senesi

Riserva DOCG

A True Classic in an Elegant Ensemble!

A delicate, yet intense bouquet of black cherries, violets and roses convey a juicy fruity/floral fantasy, unraveling with profound earthy undertones, forming a perfectly complex full-bodied treat. A deliciously eloquent, mouthwatering everyday wine with an elegant, silky-textured palate.

PDM Chianti bottle.png
PDM Chianti Data Sheet.png
PDM Chianti SS_TP.jpg
PDM Chianti Reserva ST_TP.jpg



Refined Traditions and an Impeccable Taste!

A timeless classic in its nuanced spices: dry tobacco, cinnamon and just a hint of roasted coffee beans. Deep flavors in an elegant framework of black cherry and raspberry reveal a graceful balance on the palate. Firm tannins embody the earthy crescendo that broadens out and evolves, as the wine delicately unfolds, lingering on a long, luscious finish. 

PDM Rasea bottle.png
PDM Rasea Data Sheet.png
PDM Rasea SS.jpg
PDM Rasea ST.jpg



IVOLE Bianco

Summer in a Bottle!

Smell the fresh, crisp sweetness of the plum trees, pear and melon from a tiny god-forgotten garden somewhere in an Italian province. Feel the manifold, mirthful bouquet of wildflowers and herbs tickle your tongue in a joyous, light-hearted reverie – this is its taste, that lingers in the palate, sparkling with lemon and orange blossoming trees.

Ivole Data Sheet.png
Natural Organic.png
PDM Ivole 21SS_90JS.jpg



GALIO Rosato

Ease and Lightness as a Form of Art!

A coral-toned elixir, delicately wrapped with a pink plum in the nose. A field of light purple violets evolves into a fresh bouquet of blazing irises, and a mulberry cocktail hints on the familiar taste of almond. An enchanting and magical journey you can’t miss out on! 

Galio Data Sheet.png
Natural Organic.png
PDM Galio Rosato SS.jpg
PDM Galio Rosato ST.jpg


90 TP.png

NU Chianti

New, Nude, Now, Good

The young essence of our Sangiovese: short maceration with daily delestage, 100% oak-free to maintain the purity of the fruit. We relied on the simplicity of a NUDE wine without any sort of artifice. A NEW wine that embodies the great quality of a handmade farm product, made “by hand”, but, at the same time, a wine that does not need special ceremonies or long waits in the cellar. A wine to be fully enjoyed NOW, a wine that simply makes us feel GOOD!

Natural Organic.png
PDM NU SS_21_JS90LM96.jpg
PDM NU ST_21_JS90LM96.jpg


Luca Moroni ratings all.png
PetNat Bianco.png

PET NAT Bianco Frizzante

A Wave Worth Surrendering To

Enveloping scents transport you to a cool Tuscan morning. Its exquisite floweriness is revealed through a vibrant vitality to blanket the palate in wildflowers from Malvasia grapes, honey, hay from Trebbiano Procanico, and white fruits from Grechetto. It’s pure pleasure for the palate. 

PET NAT Bianco Data Sheet.png
Natural Organic.png
PDM PET NAT Bianco SS.jpg
PDM PET NAT Bianco ST.png


PetNat Rosato.png
PET NAT Rose Data Sheet.png

PET NAT Rosato Frizzante

An Unexpected Party in the Bottle and Your Glass!

Share the lively exuberance of our Sangiovese and its bubbly vitality. It’s unparalleled: a unique creation without filters and additions. It envelops you with its aromas of red fruit – fresh and candied. It’s an expression of its youth, with an effervescent, round, fruitful, and persistent palate.

Natural Organic.png
PDM PET NAT Rose 21SS_90JS.jpg
PDM PET NAT Rose 21ST_90JS.jpg


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