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Bespoke Distillery
Aqva di Gin CITRUS
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Aqva di Gin CITRUS

Aqva di Gin - FLORAL
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Aqva di Gin - FLORAL

Aqva di Gin SPICED
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Aqva di Gin SPICED

What happens when innovative mixologist, Flavio Esposito and master distiller, Vincenzo Russo combine their mastery? A creative mixology studio is formed! Bespoke Distillery, located on Italy's famous Amalfi Coast, and sourcing only the finest local ingredients, inspires you to mix fragrance and taste, to pique your imagination and fill your senses.  

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Aqva di Gin
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Aromas of bergamot, mandarin and lemon leaves. Fresh and soft on the palate with hints of citrus. A complex blend with a long balanced finish.

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Blooming bouquet of lavender, rosebuds and citrus blossoms. Fresh flavour with notes of honey. Perfectly balanced for acidic or sparkling drinks.

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AV Floral ST.jpg
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Aromatic notes of galangal, ginger, cardamon and pink peppercorn. Intense and round on the palate with spiced hints. Serve over ice or in cocktails such as a Negroni.

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AV Spiced ST.jpg
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Vermut Sospeso

Raw coffee notes, absinthe, citrus and vanilla.  Soft with hints of dried fruit and citrus, with a bitter-sweet balance and enveloping coffee finish.

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Vermut Sospeso
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